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Meet Enyver Appenzeller-Buchanan, the lead designer of Ten Point Floral Design. When I say that she is amazing, I truly mean it! She has been serving the event industry as a leading floral designer for the past 15 years - which is an accomplishment all on its own!

Her journey as a floral designer began with a background in interior design. Her background accompanied by her many years of experience is what she attributes her ability to visualize and execute beautiful events that surpass her client's expectations. Her career beginnings originated in Orange County California. She quickly branched out to cities like Los Angeles and began freelancing in multiple states across the U.S. including Nevada, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Miami. She has worked for the best companies California has to offer and has been bringing her creativity to the south for the past five years.

Her work has been featured in publications such as The Celebration Society, Bridal Guide, and The B Collective. Now with over 1,000 weddings throughout her career to date, Enyver's passion for continuous learning has pushed her to try new techniques that create a unique and personalized experience for each client. Her attention to detail, use of colors and shapes set her apart from other designers and adds her own personal touch to any event. Her designs are both memorable and captivating and throughout all of my time working with her, I have yet to see a client present her with an idea that she couldn't create.

To see more of Ten Point Floral Design's work, you can visit their website here!


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