5 Reasons To Hire A Live Wedding Painter for Your Wedding

Vendor Spotlight: Art By Dianne McAlexander

There are certain things that I always recommend to our couples if it's within their budget. One vendor at the top of my list is a live wedding painter! Dianne McAlexander is full-time professional artist who's passion is wedding paintings. Dianne transforms the memories of your wedding into an original heirloom quality oil or acrylic painting you can display in your home to enjoy everyday! Here are the five reasons we believe you need a live wedding painter at your wedding!

  1. It's an affordable way to have a reminder of your wedding day that you'll cherish forever!

  2. Talk about entertainment! Incorporating a live wedding painter into your wedding day adds an artistic element that your guests will absolutely love watching!

  3. You can gift it for a personalized "thank you" the recipient will love!

  4. It is so fun for the bride and groom to see the end result at the end of the night!

  5. One of our favorite ways that we have seen to honor a loved one that has passed was a bride who commissioned an artist to paint what would have been her first dance with her father. The artist worked from a photo of her father and images of the reception.

Since most of the items that create the ambiance of your special day are either consumed or discarded at the end of the night but a live painter provides a service that will give you an heirloom you and your spouse will be able to treasure forever.

Wedding Planner Tip: If you can't afford the live painter option, Dianne can paint in her studio from images of your special day that you provide.

To view more of Dianne's work visit her website here! Follow her on Instagram @artbydianne